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Why Customer Service Matters

When times are challenging and your business is running on a low budget, you find yourself in a position where you have to decide which area of the business to allocate funds to.

Surely, to stay in business you need to provide a quality product and offer good value for money. And of course, the perfect product won’t just sell itself without an adequate amount of marketing and advertising. But what is the direct connection between your customers and your business? Customer service! It would all be meaningless if you are having poor customer service.

Watch the video to find out why.

As you watch, try to find the answer to the questions:

  • Why is it important to avoid bad customer service?
  • What are the consequences of getting service wrong?
  • Do complaints matter?
  • What’s the true value of customer service?
  • What do customers value the most?
2. Complete the sentences with information from the presentation.
  1. Consumers now rate customer service as the most important factor when deciding.
  2. News of bad customer service reachesears as praise for good customer service.
  3. In a recent survey 57% of customers expressed frustration that the company. 56% of customers felt that.
  4. Poor customer service is a factorthat go bust.
  5. A massive 20% of consumers would now take revenge on a companyonline.
  6. Loyal customers are very valuable indeed. They’re willing to spend more, they refuse, and crucially, they’re very likely to spread the love and.
  7. In a recent surveytop this list of what customers want.

Over to you:

•    What can an organization do to improve their customer service?
•    What sort of training customer service teams should receive?
•    If you had to give advice to somebody handling customer complaints all day, what advice would you give?
•    What would be some tactful ways to tell a customer that you thought their complaint was not valid?

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