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Business Cards Exchange Etiquette

Business Cards Exchange Etiquette

When you conduct business across cultures it is important to create a professional and respectful environment. The way you approach others will pretty much set the tone of your relationship with that person or organization. Being familiar with the norms and set of standards will help you improve your communication and that translates into successful business relations.

The video below is dedicated to the practice of exchanging business cards.

While watching, think of the following:
  • Who is the speaker? What is her field of expertise?
  • What is the importance of knowing how to exchange business cards?
  • What is the appropriate way of presenting your business card?
  • What is the appropriate way of receiving a business card?
  • How do you put a person’s business card away?
  • How do you ensure safekeeping?

Over to you:

  • Have you noticed how your foreign partners exchange business cards?
  • Do you agree with the advice given in the video?
  • Have you ever been in an awkward situation resulting from not being familiar with the etiquette?

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