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Career management advice to Keep Your Job

In today’s difficult financial times, the threat of a layoff is looming over our heads and more and more people are getting concerned about losing their jobs.

But before you start considering a possible career shift, watch this interview with a career coach on how to keep your current job.

Listen carefully and focus on the main points they mention. What words and expressions do they use to describe the following:

1. You should do more than you are expected. What are some of the suggested ways to do that?
2. How do you show that you’re consistently adding value? Why is that important?
3. Why do you have to consider the possibility of your manager losing their job?
4. How is making more money for the company or saving money for the company related to keeping your job?
5. Working under the constant threat of a layoff, it’s hard to keep your spirit up. Why is your attitude to your work important in order to keep your job?

Watch the video and take a look at the key vocabulary below.


to make yourself indispensable
exceeding expectations/ goals
delivering a project ahead of schedule or below budget
exceeding your quota
getting face time and visibility with your manager
consistently adding value
look at ways that you can add to the bottom line
focus on growing the bottom line
generate more revenue
save cost
be more competitive
the deciding factor in helping you keep your job
make sure you bring your ‘A’ game
you want to pitch in/ volunteer
morale is down
tough to stay up
if it comes to two employees with the same skills set and contribution
be grateful that you have a job these days
it would probably come down to attitude

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