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Job Interview: Discussing past experience

A job interview proves to be challenging when carried out in your native language, let alone in a foreign language. In this video, you will hear a useful tip for answering questions about your previous work experience.

One important thing to remember here is that when an interviewer asks you about your past experience and things you have been involved in, they don’t want you to just restate what they already know from your resume or cover letter. They are more likely to be interested in some more details about the place of employment and how well you did there.

1. Think of your last job interview. How do you think you handled that question?

2. Watch the video to see an example. Answer the question:
What can you do to show that you have the required experience for a position?

3. Fill in the blanks in the sample question and answer:
“Phil, in this job we need somebody withbecause it does require, you know, this is a, you’ll be over about fifteen people. Uh hum. Where have you done that in the past?”
“My last position it didn’t quite hit fifteen, but I did have ten people. We had seven different territories and I was able to make sure that all of the people under me hitfor the year, and we all hit our bonus, good, and we all. So, I don’t have quite the fifteen, but.”
4. Vocabulary

In everyday language, ‘hit’ is often used as a synonym for ‘reach’ or ‘get to a certain level’:

“all of the people under me hit all of their quotas”
“it [my team] didn’t quite hit fifteen [people]”
“we all hit our bonus”

5. Task:
If you are interviewing for a certain position soon, how would you answer the question about experience?

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