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Choosing a Career

How To Choose A Career

Determining the kind of work one will do is among the most important life decisions we make. Our emotional and financial well-being will pretty much depend on that choice, for the most part of our lives.

Watch this video to find out more. Also, answer the questions below and look at the useful vocabulary to take away from the video.

Check your understanding:

  1. What are the three things you have to consider when deciding on a career plan?
  2. What is our number one feedback system we’re given at birth? How can we use it when deciding on a career??
  3. How can you put your rational mind to work?
  4. Why does he mention meditation?


  1. What makes your heart sing?
  2. How do you decide if something is good for you?
  3. Do you use your heart or your mind more?
  4. Do you trust yourself or do you rely on other’s feedback when making a decision?
  5. When was the last important decision you had to make and how did it go?
  6. Are you ambitious? Why or why not?
  7. Do you have a career plan? Where do you want to be in 10 years’ time?
  8. Which of the following would you prefer and why?
  • work for one company during your career
  • work for several different companies
  • work for yourself


  • make your heart sing (something makes you feel excited, lifts you up and makes you feel good)
  • feedback system (a way of knowing how well you’re doing, e.g. asking others what they think or observing the response of your actions or behavior)
  • off course (something that doesn’t follow the plan, strategy or intentions)
  • put your rational mind to work (use common sense and logic without emotions)
  • do some due diligence (reasonable steps one would take before taking action, e.g. research, etc)
  • to go down that road (make a decision to start doing something)
  • to know deep inside (when you are convinced that something is true, even if you don’t show or say it)
  • feelings come up (start feeling certain things, certain feelings will appear)
  • it feels right (you have the feeling that this is the right thing to do, feel comfortable doing it)
  • to make sense up here (sounds reasonable and logical; up here=in your head)
  • internship (working somewhere in order to gain experience, sometimes without pay)
  • the cost of that path (what following through with a decision would cost you; path=a way)
  • pay-offs (return on investment, the result or outcome of a certain action)
  • to get a sense of something (find out, discover what something is or see what it feels like to do something)
  • to pursue (to go after, to follow )

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