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Business Etiquettes Around the World that Might Surprise You

Surprising Business Etiquette

Imagine your company is sending you to another country to meet with business partners or clients. You would probably wonder about things like the right way to greet, the appropriate behavior in different situations, suitable attire or unwillingly offending someone.

You may not be so concerned with these things if you were traveling for pleasure or just visiting as a tourist. After all you have only yourself to answer to if you commit a cultural faux pas. It is highly unlikely that you ever come across any of the random people you encounter while on vacation.

However, when it comes to business, you’re either acting on behalf of the company that sends you or you are hoping to form lasting work connections representing your own business. In both cases, you will most likely want to put your best foot forward. The impression you create will, more or less, influence the direction your relations will take.

The video below is featuring some business etiquettes around the world that may sound unusual in most of the western world.

Over to you

  • How surprised were you by the facts in the video? What was most surprising to you?
  • Have you ever found yourself in an awkward situation because of the cultural differences?
  • Do you know any other customs or behaviors that some people may find surprising?

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