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How to mingle at parties

How to mingle at parties

Social gatherings are a complex place and serve so many different functions. When we find ourselves in a social situation by our personal choice, social interaction comes naturally, and we do not feel so much pressure to keep up appearances and make a good impression.

It is very different when our attendance is required, as in a company function and we are expected to mingle (mix with the crowd and engage in social conversations). We find ourselves surrounded by people we know little about in a personal aspect or otherwise would not be socializing with under different circumstances. For a lot of people, mingling does not come as easy and it causes them anxiety.

In the video that follows, you will hear an interview with an etiquette expert sharing tips on how to survive a social gathering with strangers and unfamiliar crowds.

Over to you

  • How good are you at mingling? Did you find the advice useful?
  • Do you remember a certain difficult situation you were in? What is some advice you heard in the video that would have helped you?
  • Do you have any other tips for mingling at social gatherings?

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