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Tips for First Business Meetings

First meetings in business

When it comes to making a good first impression of yourself and your company, first encounters are crucial. Here are some helpful hints on how to handle your first business meetings.
While first meetings with clients or persons of high level inside your own organization require a formal attitude, first meetings in business between people of similar or equal status tend to be more informal.

Strong small chat — a skill that is routinely tested in job interviews these days – is often used to create positive business partnerships.
It’s critical to use the correct communication techniques when dealing with first interactions in business networking. From finding common ground with the other person to employing humor and asking compelling follow-up questions to keep the conversation going.
Last but not least, how you exit a discussion, or how you conclude it, is just as essential as how you started it.

Suggesting a follow-up meeting demonstrates your desire to develop long-term business connections. Aside from making a good first impression, conducting business meetings in a professional and courteous manner fosters confidence between you and possible business partners.

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